Score Keeping Tips

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Double check the score clock and score sheet from time to time.


Before the Game

Make sure all the players are listed on the score sheet and that their numbers are correct.  Sign your name at the top.  Ask Captains to scratch off any players not playing that night.


During the Game



After the opening tip off, the arrow will point towards the basket of the team that did not win the jump.   Then after the referee blows the whistle for a jump ball you will switch the direction of the arrow. From time to time the referee will ask who’s jump ball it is and you will show him the direction of the arrow.  After the player throws the ball in, you switch the direction.  At the start of the second half, possession will go to the team that the arrow is pointing to then you will change the arrow direction again.



Whenever a player scores a basket, you must mark the score in the running score at the top – slashing out the appropriate number.  This is official score so this is always done first.  You will then mark the number 2, or 3 if a 3-pointer, in the same line as the player that scored.  First half points are recorded in the first half column and second half points in the second half column. 



When a player misses a foul shot, mark an O in the appropriate column, and if the player makes the shot, mark a •.  This will enable us to know how many foul shots were taken and how many were made.



A player is only allowed 5 personal fouls - When a player commits a foul, you must mark it by slashing out the number 1 through 5 by their name....All personal fouls are also counted as Team Fouls located above the points column and must be crossed out every time a personal foul is committed.  A team is allowed 5 fouls in the first half and another 5 fouls in the second half. 

Ex: a player gets a foul – you will mark this beside their name as well as at the top for team fouls.  If a player gets 5 fouls – notify the ref – this person must leave the game.  Once the team fouls reach 5 – notify the ref... the opposing team will automatically get to go to the foul line.  Please note: the team fouls start back at 0 at the start of the second half.



Tally up all the points for all the players in the total column.