Code of Conduct

If you have any questions or concerns, please address a member of the executive or send us an email!  We welcome any feedback or concerns you might have.



The Code of Conduct is designed to facilitate the goal of the CPLBL, which is to provide a safe, enjoyable, affordable, and memorable basketball experience. Any participant that is found in contradiction of the CPLBL Code of Conduct will be dismissed from the CPLBL without a return of any monies paid.  There is a zero tolerance policy towards any infractions.


  • Be fully conversant with this code and its implications.

  • Inform Team members of the Code of Conduct, league schedule, and rules.

  • Attend draft.

  • Make sure you have a minimum amount of players for your games.

  • Make sure you have provided score keepers when it is your Team’s turn.  The Captain is responsible to score keep for their Team’s turn if no one on their Team is available.

  • Check Team standings and make sure they are accurate.

  • Ensure that if they play the late game, the gym must be cleaned up.  Look for garbage, water bottles, clothing, etc.  Scorekeeper’s table and time clock need to be moved to the hallway (this is the scorekeeper’s duty for that game).

  • Before a player is eligible to be a Team Captain, they must have played in the league for at least one season.

  • Captains may remain for three consecutive seasons, to which another player is allowed an opportunity to Captain. Should another player not come forward to the Captain position, the previous Captain may continue.  This is at the discretion of the Executive. 

  • Captains are chosen by the CPLBL Executive, whom has the final decision.


  • All Participants must be at least 18 years of age or older, complete all required documentation (registration, liability, and code of conduct form) and have paid in full prior to play.

  • Playing on Multiple Teams:  an individual may represent only one Team.

  • Team Roster: Captains attend the bi-annual draft to pick their Team.  If a player is injured or cannot play, another player from the waiting list will be added if needed.


  • Sport-Specific Rules:  Individual sport rules can be found at

  • Fighting:  Players or bench personnel ejected from the game for any Disqualifying Foul infractions (i.e. for actions such as fighting or abusive conduct/language, etc.), must immediately leave the premises.  This does not apply to players who have committed one foul (personal and/or technical).

  • Any person who fights and/or directs abuse toward Officials or fellow participants or spectators will be immediately suspended from the CPLBL without reimbursement. 

  • Postponements:

a. Inclement Weather:  When school buses are cancelled due to weather, there will be NO basketball that evening.  Games will be rescheduled.

b. School Closure:  In the event of a school closure or event, basketball games will be rescheduled.

c. PA Days:  In the event of a PA Day, basketball games will continue that evening unless posted otherwise.

d. No Officials:  In the event that no Officials are present for a game, Teams will mutually agree to play the game using one player from each Team as Officials.  This game shall count as a legal game and will be included in the CPLBL standings.

e. Rescheduling:  Postponements occurring due to weather, facility-booking conflicts, etc. will be handled by the Executive.  Captains will be notified of the postponement and will be advised as to the rescheduling of the missed games.  Captains are responsible for notifying their Teams.

Note: Due to limited facility space, rescheduling to accommodate Team/player conflicts is not an option.

  • Standings:  Individual and Team stats will be updated on the website -

  • If one of the Executive members are not in attendance at the end of the evening, the scoresheet must be scanned and e-mailed to by a member of the Team responsible for the scorekeeping of that game.

  • Errors in Standings:  Teams are responsible for reporting any errors in standings.

  • Fees: EARLY BIRD (July 15th - July 31st): $125 per player for two sessions: Fall/September and Winter/January; REGULAR (August 1st – August 31st): $145 per player for two sessions: Fall/September and Winter/January; ONE SESSION: Fall/September OR Winter/January: $75 per player for one session.

All fees are non-refundable, unless the Executive decides otherwise.  The only allowance on refunds is when a player is not returning for the Winter session.  In this case, the player must notify the Executive prior to January 1st in order to receive a refund for the Winter session.

  • All new players to the CPLBL must provide cash or a post-dated cheque prior to the draft of the upcoming season in the amount of $50 as a jersey deposit.  The jersey must be returned to the Executive at the player’s last game played or the $50 deposit will be cashed.  If the jersey is returned in good condition (determined by the Executive) at the end of the season, the player may receive their monies back. 

  • Reimbursements are at the discretion of the Executive.  Written notice from the player must be provided to the Executive requesting a reimbursement.




a. No-Show: If a Team fails to appear and make themselves known at the appointed play location within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time of a game, the Official in charge shall declare the contest forfeited to the Team/contestant ready to play. The game clock begins at the scheduled start time.

If a Team forfeits a game and no exhibition game is played, the Team will be charged $60 which must be paid prior to the next scheduled game.

  1. If neither Team appears with the minimum required number of players then a double forfeit is declared and each Team is required to pay the $60 forfeit fee prior to the next scheduled game.

  2. The Team that forfeited will not have recorded statistics, while the Team that did not forfeit will have recorded statistics.

b. Short Players: A Team may be required to forfeit a game if they have less than the minimum number of players (5) following the ten (10) minute grace period.

A Team may pick up another player from another Team, but may not pick up more than 2 players and have no more than 7 player’s total.  If and when the Team members show up, the pickup players are not allowed to continue (i.e. Team Blue has 5 players at the start of the game; Team Blue can pick up 2 players from any another Team(s) to make a total of 7 players; 10 minutes into the game a Team Blue member shows up, therefore 1 of the pickup players can no longer play.  If Team Blue only has 4 players, they are still only allowed to pick up 2 players).  After 10 minutes of play teams are no longer able to pick up extra players. (Team Blue has 6 players at game start.  A player from another team shows up before 10 minutes of play, they may play for Team Blue.  After 10 minutes that extra person may not join the team).  The player that spared must return the borrowed jersey in order to continue playing with the League; no jersey, no play time.

Pick up players may only play as a pick up player three times per session and/or only once per Team; if the player chooses to play additional pickups, it is at a cost of $10 per pickup from that player paid to the Team Captain for the Executive or member of the Executive prior to play.  If a team uses an illegal player, the game will be a forfeit. 

If there is a waiting list, those players may be allowed to be used on any Team as substitutions.  Those players are required to pay a $10 fee to the Team Captain for the Executive or to a member of the Executive prior to play.  Team Captains must ensure that all appropriate documentation is completed prior to play.  Three (3) days notice must be provided (i.e. Monday morning for the Wednesday evening play), and there are no limits on the amount of games a waiting list player may play.  Should the waiting list player choose to play for the Winter session, a $75 fee applies and they will be put on a regular Team at the discretion of the Executive. 

No substitutes may play unless all forms are completed AND they are on the CPLBL’s waiting/substitution list.

i. Two short-handed Teams may agree to play the game with equal number of players.  If the game is played, then it will not count toward final standings and be considered a forfeit.

c. Unsporting Behaviour: A contest shall be declared a forfeit by the Official in charge when a Team/competitor displays flagrantly poor sporting behaviour prior, during, or after the games.  The game(s) to which the Team(s) the player(s) are a part will be a forfeit from whom the Executive decides is responsible.

d. Forfeiting Teams - Repercussions:

  1. $60 paid to the CPLBL prior to the next scheduled game.  If payment is not received, the Team will not be allowed to play and will be charged another fine of $60 for each game they don’t play when a substitute game is not a game played.

  2. Loss of game.

  3. Default/Forfeit Game Scores: Defaulted/forfeited games will be scored as a loss for the defaulting/forfeiting Team, with the winning Team being awarded 20 points for and 0 against. 

  4. The winning Team will receive its statistics; the losing Team will not receive its statistics.  A player will receive their statistics if they spare for another Team.



Protests of an Official's judgment will NOT be considered.

Items of Protest:

a. Rule Interpretation:  All rule interpretations (NB: difference between "rule interpretation" and "Official's judgment") must be made by the Team Captain/representative at the time of the dispute; the Official must provide a rule interpretation and explain it to both Captains before play continues.

b. Opposition Player Eligibility:  If the eligibility of your opposition is in question, notify the game Official/league convener of your concerns; the game is to be played under protest.

Protest Procedure:

a. Inform game Official/league convener that the game is under protest;
b. Game Sheet: Note the protest/appeal on the game sheet;
c. Written Report:  All protests must be made in writing and submitted within 24 hours of the game in question to the Executive.
d. Unless these procedures have been followed, the protest will not be considered.



Good Sporting Behaviour: Teams and associated parties are required to show good sporting behaviour on and off the playing area, before, during, and after games.

All players are to approach a member of the Executive through written notice to discuss any concerns or suggestions they may have.

Drugs and Alcohol:  Playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.  Any violation of this rule will result in a Level 4 Disciplinary Sanction. 

Indefinite Suspension; see 'Disciplinary Sanctions' for a detailed description.

Unsporting Behaviour:  Abuse of any kind directed at any participant(s), spectator(s), etc. will not be tolerated and has no place in the CPLBL.

a. Incidents of unsporting behaviour by any party affiliated with the Team will be addressed by Officials/Executive and may result in forfeiture of the game.

b. Any decisions made by Officials/Executive members are to be adhered to; failure to comply will result in further disciplinary action.

c. In all incidents of unsporting behaviour, all involved parties will be immediately and indefinitely suspended from the CPLBL.  Suspensions will stand until notified otherwise by the CPLBL Executive.  No financial reimbursements will be issued.

d. Unidentified Players: If there is uncertainty about the identity of any involved parties, the Team(s) involved may be suspended until further review.

Disciplinary Sanctions:  The following is a description of potential sanctions according to and including the examples listed.  Any violation may be subject to any level of sanction. Examples are not exclusive to each level.

a. LEVEL 1 - Game Misconduct:  A player may receive a game misconduct and be required to sit out the remainder of the game. (i.e. abuse of an Official, fighting, etc.).

b. LEVEL 2 - Game Misconduct and Multiple Game Suspension:  A player will be assessed a game misconduct (Level 1 Sanction) and be suspended for additional games. (i.e. abuse of an Official, abuse of a player, continued abuse after ejection, malicious foul/penalty, etc.).

c. LEVEL 3 - Term Suspension:  A player may receive a season suspension from the league.  No financial reimbursement will be issued. (i.e. playing under assumed name, continued misconduct, etc.).

d. LEVEL 4 - Indefinite Suspension:  A player may be suspended from all future involvement in the CPLBL.  No financial reimbursement will be issued.

i. Level 3 (Term) and Level 4 (Indefinite) suspensions are determined by the CPLBL Executive.  The Executive may inform the player(s)/Team(s) via any means (i.e. verbal, written, etc.).

ii. An Indefinite Suspension can be appealed to the CPLBL Executive after a minimum of six (6) months from the date of sanction.

e. PROBATION:  Any Team whose affiliated party was assessed a Term or Indefinite suspension will remain on probation.  Any further unsporting behaviour by Teams on probation will result in immediate removal of the Team from the CPLBL without appeal.



  • This is a RECREATIONAL league - I'm here to have FUN, not to win at all costs.


  • I will ALWAYS respect my Teammates, opponents and Officials.


  • I will familiarize myself with the rules of my sport.


  • I will appreciate all good plays whether they are made by my Team or the opposition.


  • I will be a good sport, respect the recreational spirit of the game, and not take things too seriously.


  • I will help to foster an atmosphere of camaraderie.


  • I will play for FUN!